Long Dress
March 24, 2019
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Today I want to present you with this beautiful set of photos. Oh how I love these colors, they make me smile. Which photo did you like the most?

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Every time you look younger and more beautiful
Rads, United States reply

Reminds story from the book "Portrait of Dorian Gray"😏
Thank you Rads😊😘
Karissa Diamond reply

You are right Karissa, this is indeed a beautiful set of photos, beautiful and sexy and it can easily take a place as (yet another) one of my favorite sets 😊

I could not help but get a kind of oriental feel from this one for some reason, maybe it was because of poses like the one in pic #15, or maybe because of the way it looked when you gathered the back of the dress into a narrow "tail", like in among other pic #11 πŸ€”, I honestly can't figure out what it is that gets me thinking of "oriental" hehe 😊, but either way it was all working to make this yet another amazing update, great work Karissa πŸ˜˜πŸ‘

Also, I have to admit, I can't help but find it so incredibly hot every time we get that little glimpse of "evidence" that you are not wearing any panties underneath the dress, especially with those high cut slits in the sides of the dress, so hot *blush* πŸ”₯😊

Which picture did I like the most? hmm... πŸ€” that really is a tough one, there were so many, for the favorite sexy one, it would probably be #12, because of the above mentioned "little glimpse of evidence", the shot just couldn't have been any better timed, you had a slight turn of your body as you look back with a sexy sultry look on your face, there is the curve of your right buttock and then the teasing hint of what is hidden under your dress, for me this is a really sexy shot πŸ”₯, but looking beyond the sexy, you know how much I love that smile, so pic #16 is a clear favorite of mine from this set, but I also really like the way you looked in #4, you had a really sweet look on you face in that one and with the hint of a subtle smile, a really nice shot πŸ˜‰, but I could probably pick about a dozen more to call my favorite one hehe 😊, like I wrote, great work Karissa πŸ™Œ
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thank you Tristan😊 I like to read your comments and learn something new for myself every time) I think these photos look a little east because of the dress πŸ‘— In Sri Lanka, I saw a lot of similar patterns on the clothes of local residents) It's so interesting, for my instagram I chose the photo at number 12 and it became quite successful😏😊😘
Karissa Diamond reply

Long Dress

Great set. !!
Dana, United States reply

Thanks Dana😊
Karissa Diamond reply
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