February 06, 2019
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I don’t know how you feel about sparkles, but I’m delighted with them) And even more so when you can go into them, or throw them around ... In the general, go in and see for yourself)

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Love this very erotic wild set.
Awesome outfit, silver setting.
Well done. Karissa.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana)
I like that you felt this wildness. This is what I felt. I do not know how such a glamorous location could affect this. But in any case, I am always glad to your comments and feelings about my work.😊🤗😘
Karissa Diamond reply


Well, I'm digging the boots and the stockings! What are you thinking in the first few shots? I'm just curious because the set does of course become more exciting towards the end when sparkles start flying everywhere.
DJK_KD_fan, United Kingdom reply

Actually, I think about everything. And it's very cool that you noticed that I was thinking about something👀😼
Karissa Diamond reply
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