Business Style
January 21, 2019
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I think business style is very sexy. I like men in suits, of course, if that suits the situation. Do you like me in a business suit? Or better without ...

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Business Style

Wow beautiful set Karissa.
Incredible talent. Awesome.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana😊
Karissa Diamond reply

another nice set. You know that I like the classic and essential poses, and here are some really beautiful poses (n ° 4,15,16,20,26,34,35,44,49). I would have avoided even some poses too "thought", like a diva of the 20s, or a little extravagant, but your face is so pretty that it puts things right.
In any case, again well done and continue like this, improving.
Gianluca reply

Thank you Gianluca! In fact, everything is just beginning and I am just beginning to understand in which direction to move. Your support is very important to me😊
Karissa Diamond reply

Cool clothes. Very fashionable girl
Rads, United States reply
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