March 12, 2019
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This is one of the types of light erotic videos. Slow, smooth, sexy and very light. Do you like this style? If yes, just say so, and such videos will be more often)

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Absolutely amazing work Karissa, sweet, tender, sensual and erotic, really beautifully done 😊

And to answer your question once again, yes 😉

Btw, I like that you have made almost every single photoset and video separate from one another and not using the same theme / set-up twice, but in some cases I think it would be worth it, this video being one of those cases, I really think it could also have made for one hell of an amazing photoset, you looked so gorgeous in that dress and the setting and lighting was just perfect, would have been great to have had it immortalized as a photoset as well 🙌

I must admit, you are really making things hard for me Karissa, you keep doing such a great job here that I am starting to running out of new ways to compliment your work, so I apologize if I start to sound like I am just repeating myself hehe 😊

Anyway, once again, absolutely amazing work Karissa ✌😘
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thank you Tristan, I really think that in the future we will make more videos in this style. And you know, a great idea to use the same location for video and photos .. I thought about this before, but now for some reason I forgot about this idea. In any case, it's great that you can leave comments and suggest your own ideas. For me it is very important and valuable, thanks)
Karissa Diamond reply


Beautiful video Karissa.
Awesome start to my day.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana, enjoy 😊
Karissa Diamond reply
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