Hot Summer
January 03, 2019
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Today is January 3, and I want to continue to please you with a warm video that was filmed in Cyprus. At the moment, I have not seen the sun for two weeks now, and this is without exaggeration. It is a beautiful snowy winter, but without the sun. I have long dreamed of meeting the New Year somewhere in the tropics, putting on a swimsuit and decorating a palm tree. It should be a palm tree looks very cool with gerland. Haha

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I grow ever more disappointed with this site; never with you.

There was so much promise...but you're going the so-called `'art" route and forgetting or setting aside your basic and enormous strengths. The site promises "more of Karissa" and most men want that. We get far, far less. The subscription is ridiculously high for such bland content so, for the time being at least, I'll have to unsubscribe. At least for now MPL shows "more of Karissa"
ricardo, United Kingdom reply

I love every video and photoset that I made for MPL. But I decided to stop making such videos. You correctly noted that I am leaving for a more artistic view of myself and my body. Here, on the KD, you can also see an orgasm, only in its other manifestation.
Karissa Diamond reply

Awesome video.
A wonderful pleasure.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana!)
I still remember how impressed you were with the cave of meditation. And I think about how to impress you even more))
Karissa Diamond reply
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