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December 26, 2018
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So as soon as the New Year, new goals and desires, I want to tell you about how I achieve the goal. It is very important for me to set tasks for myself, sometimes these tasks seem impossible. But I was taught to expect more, and then you might get half of it. This time my goal was to climb Mount Magura-Gide. Last year I climbed it, and immediately fell in love with this peak. But when I climbed it the last time was summer, good weather and no obstacles. I decided to return to this peak in the fall. To my regret, the weather did not play in my favor, it was constantly changing, pushing me from the top. I ended up sick. I am in utter despair, because the main purpose of the journey was to climb this peak .. I don’t even know what to do .. Hands down and the tension gets stronger. Will I fulfill my dream? To be continued...

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Karissa we should try and get you a sponsor deal with "5.11 Tactical", so we can get you properly dressed and geared before you go on your next mountain trekking, we can't have you getting sick on us like that again hehe 🀭

You really are a fascinating girl and I just love your tenacity and spirit for adventure, pushing yourself forward, to reach not only the literal peaks, but also the figurative ones, rather inspiring βœŒπŸ˜‰

Something I noticed about your eyes in one of the scenes that I had not really thought about before, you have a very wide limbus (the dark ring surrounding the iris) and it is actually said that the wider the limbus is, the better the leadership capabilities a person has πŸ˜‰, so in a way I guess it is no wonder we are all so taken by you hehe πŸ˜„

I felt so bad for you when you were laying there feeling all miserable and sick, I just wanted to hug you, but I must admit I couldn't help but giggle a little because you sounded so adorable when you said "mountain" in that cute accent of yours, sorry! *giggle* 🀭

Anyway, a really great video Karissa, loved the many scenic shots of the landscapes (and of you of cause 😊), looking forward to seeing the next part πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

By the way, is there anything more annoying than when you are on a long hard walk, struggling with fatigue and then your dog overtakes you looking completely unaffected and in high spirit hehe πŸ˜‚
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Hi Tristan! This is a great idea, I would gladly make such a deal) It can help me to travel even more and yes, do not get sick haha)

Thank you) Yes, I love adventures, I think it's more fun to live. And the most important thing is that every time you learn something new about the world and about yourself))

Of course, I heard before that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, but I didn’t know about limb) Well, you revealed me haha)

I usually do not get sick, but this time something went wrong, and that day the truth was very sunny and suitable for a hike. Thank you) Ohh, how can I learn to speak correctly haha ​​Although I am glad that my accent makes you laugh))

Thank you Tristan, I am very glad that you appreciate such works, they mean a lot to me)

Baileys is a very special dog, she can run all the way to jump and have fun, but as soon as we came home she ate and immediately fell asleep, it's so cute)
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