June 02, 2019
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Well, well, so we got to a very interesting place. A place where Indian women and men wash their clothes. It was evening, so the wash was already finished. But I met a lot of Indian boys there. They just sat and looked at the river. When I came they perked up and began to look at me. They took pictures of me on their phones, and spoke Hindi. Probably for them this place looks completely normal. And for me this is a whole world, still not unraveled) Just look at this variety of colors and details .. I am delighted)

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Incredible location.
Awesome outfits Karissa
Very nice.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana, enjoy 😊
Karissa Diamond reply

Wonderful place

Thanks Karissa for this wonderful photo set!!! Amazing place!!!:-)
Roger Miao, France reply

Thank you Roger, enjoy 😊
Karissa Diamond reply
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