Blue Water
May 15, 2019
Member's Rating 10.00
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She has a little strange taste. Sometimes her ideas even scare her. But how she loves all this madness. It looks like thoughts never leave her head. Any screenwriter would envy this continuous stream of thoughts. Truth is in silence.

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Will try and be back to write a little more, but just wanted to write my first impression after having gone through the set and wow! really cool, it is kind of eerie and yet incredibly beautiful, really amazing work Karissa πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thank you Tristan) Some of these photos are really creepy, but at the same time charming) I didn’t even think that this idea would be realized in such an extraordinary way .. And I am very pleased that I manage to surprise you more and more) By the way, get well soon😊😘
Karissa Diamond reply

I'm so in love with You, I'll be forever blue...

Remembering an old song by Erasure called "A Little Respect"... I'm so in love with You, I'll be forever blue... Blue water with such adorable Mermaid-Kitty...♥♥♥
Roger Miao, France reply

I don’t know this song, but I will find and listen it) haha it’s so cool that you always find a song what suits to my updates) Thank you Roger, have a nice day😊😘
Karissa Diamond reply

Blue Water

Wow fabulous setting.
Very nice indeed Karissa.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana, enjoy😊😘
Karissa Diamond reply
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