Dressed In Shadows
May 01, 2019
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She would not mind wearing only a shadow. But in society it is customary to wear clothes. The most interesting thing about this story is the moment when she was alone. She undressed and just enjoyed the moment. The pleasant warmth of the sun and the cool shade are now the most important in this second.

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She would not mind wearing only a shadow

I would not mind if you always dressed in the shadow or the sun ❤❤❤
FreakOnALeash, Poland reply

Oh, it's good to know) The next time I see the sun, I will undress. haha But now I’ll get undressed anyway and go take a bath. Good evening)
Karissa Diamond reply

Dressed or not

Dressed or not, shadows or not shadows, an Angel like You should be kissed from head to toes!!! Sooooo adorable!!!♥♥♥
Roger Miao, France reply

Awww thank you Roger)
Karissa Diamond reply

Dressed or not

You're welcome angelic Karissa!!!:-)
Roger Miao, France reply
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