April 19, 2019
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She always thought the chains were too impudent and aggressive. But at the same time beautiful and restrained. Looks like she purposely bound herself with these chains. Have you noticed that some pain brings pleasure?

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From time to time, it's worth experimenting in a sexual life, so such chains, well, why not. Handcuffs could also be added. Some women also like strangling. Can I ask you what you think about it? 😊
And the photos are amazing, the use of this filter additionally encouraged the excitement. Although you always act like that to me 😍😍😍
FreakOnALeash, Poland reply

To answer your question I needed to think a lot before that, and these were quite pleasant thoughts) I agree that experimenting in sex life is important. Otherwise, how do you know what you like, and what can bring you and your partner even more pleasure ...) To be frank, I have not yet been stifled, but now I’m wondering) I wish you a good day and more experiments =*
Karissa Diamond reply

Adorable in black and white

The theory that some pain brings pleausre was also approved by Sigmund Freud. Also adorable in black and white!!! Thanks very much Karissa and a happy friday to You, kiss kiss...:-)
Roger Miao, France reply

I heard some things that he was talking about. Did you read his books?)
Thank you Roger =*
Karissa Diamond reply
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