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April 23, 2019
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And so the story of my morning ends and my day can begin. Now I can put on my favorite lingerie and have fun on the bed. I hope you enjoyed watching the development of this story, an idea which came to life right on the set. Would you like to spend more days like this with me?

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I really liked this story. I admit that these twists, make-up, acting and visual design are a masterpiece. Although I generally prefer a different type of underwear, but your favorite one has also become my favorite. You look amazing in it and you probably feel the same way.

I love everything you do. I am your fan for years and it is hard for me to give some subjective assessment if I liked this development. It was definitely a great idea. And it was a dream come true for me to be able to spend more days with you. I am waiting with impatience for more such wonderful and unforgettable moments. ❤❤❤
FreakOnALeash, Poland reply

Thank you Freak) Wow, a masterpiece, this is really something very cool) I am pleased that you liked this idea and all of its components) You correctly noticed that I feel myself awesome in this lingerie, and I am glad that you also liked it)
It's so interesting that you know my work for a long time. I smile now, thank you) And I'm already starting to think over the next day, which we will spend together) It will be very interesting. See you = *
Karissa Diamond reply


Very very sexy underwear Karissa!! "I want to spend my lifetime loving You"... Listen to this song by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena...♥♥♥
Roger Miao, France reply

Thank you Roger))
Beautiful and romantic song.. =*
Karissa Diamond reply

Many! more days like these dear Karissa ✌😘

Really sweet set with a lot of nice bodyscapes shots of your gorgeous curves and contours 😊

So many great shots, I especially fell in love with pic #47, it had a really beautiful innocence to it ❤️🤗

Of cause, it is also so very easy to love the shots where you have that sweet smile on your face, especially since it makes me smile as well hehe 😊, but truly every single shot had its own strengths and details, so great work Karissa, and team 😘👍
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thank you Tristan) Very soon I will show you one very special day) hm .. Even two) Enjoy =*
Karissa Diamond reply
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