Flower wall
March 14, 2019
Member's Rating 10.00
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I have always preferred natural flowers. But today I suddenly thought, how great is this, these flowers look just as beautiful and at the same time prolong the life of real, vibrant flowers. Take care of nature and enjoy my photos)

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This one turned my whole face into one big smile hehe πŸ˜„, there were just so many incredibly sweet and beautiful shots, you just looked so full of joy and it was so contagious, even when you were not smiling there was still such a spark in your eyes 😊

This is likely going to become one of those sets I can pull out when having a bad day and within looking at just the first couple of pictures, already start to feel in a much better mood hehe πŸ˜‰

Really warm and beautiful set of an equally warm and beautiful girl, great work Karissa ✌😘
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thanks Tristan) I just felt happy being in such a beautiful place) And I am very glad that my mood was perfectly transferred to you. I hope I will make you smile alwaysπŸ™ƒπŸ˜˜
Karissa Diamond reply

Beautiful set.
Amazing setting.
Dana, United States reply

Thanks Dana😊 enjoy😘
Karissa Diamond reply
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