Silk Pants
March 06, 2019
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What could be better than silk pink pants? I know that! Take a warm relaxing bath on Wednesday) Wait .. it seems I forgot one little detail .. Warm water! Well, well, then I will divert your attention and undress. Enjoy watching)

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Sweet silly Karissa, one day she forgets to wear panties underneath her dress, the next she forgets to fill the tub with water, what will be next πŸ™„ hihi🀭

Beautiful beautiful set Karissa, like I also wrote in my tweet, it has a slight feel of melancholy, which kind of fits with my mood today, but as always you seem to lift me out of that with your work, it lets you escape a little into another world, so thank you for that 🀟😘

There were a couple of shots where the light seemed a little too harsh and I kind of wish you guys had lid a couple of the candles on the floor, I think it could have created a nice source of contrast both in light and color, but other than that, the set was perfect πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Great work once again (and again and again and again, it never stops 😊), thank you Karissa for another amazing update ✌😘
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Hahaha you really mocked me with these details that I constantly forget .. This is really very funny) I hope I will not forget my head anywhere) You are well aware of the melancholic mood .. It must be sometimes I will write it in the tags) Well, first I will read the designation of this word, all the time I forget it ahaha About candles .. In my works on the MPL, you most likely noticed that I adore them, and at every opportunity I light them. I really like to burn candles in life, it creates a special atmosphere, but this time we were not allowed to light candles .. In many studios they stand just for beauty .. I agree that it is at least strange
Karissa Diamond reply

No hopefully you don't think of it as me "mocking" you, it is just my attempt at adding a little humor to my comments and on this particular day, like I wrote, I was feeling a bit of melancholy, so it might also have been an attempt to lighten my own mood and thoughts, something your set also did a great job at doing πŸ™‚

About the candles, that is indeed strange for a studio not to allow lid candles, maybe they are afraid people might take it too far and end up burning down the place hehe πŸ˜„
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Lol that was of cause meant to say "lit candles" and not "lid candles" πŸ˜„
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Even if the candles are on the lid, they still need them, it's so cozy and romantic😊
Karissa Diamond reply

I really liked the script that you came up with. πŸ˜‚And this is a good way to cheer everyone up. But I still haven’t read what melancholia is .. Is it when a little sad and it seems that everything is gray around?
Karissa Diamond reply

It can be a little hard to describe, but yea, mainly a feeling of sadness, you can kind of get lost in heavy thoughts and makes it really hard to find your smile and the positive things.

It is not as crippling a feeling as a depression and luckily it is not as persistent, but it does have a bit of the same way of making you feel that things seem a little more hopeless and greyer than they really are.
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

I understand! I read about it in the novels of Francoise Sagan! And then I felt that way. I would call melancholia a lighter than a dark feeling. Once again I will review these photos to catch it)
Karissa Diamond reply

Silk Pants

Beautiful set Karissa.
Amazing setting.
Well done.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana😊
Karissa Diamond reply
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