Year Of The Pig
January 01, 2019
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First I want to say that I am glad to welcome you in the New Year! Admit it, who today woke up face in a salad? As I woke up, I will tell you in my live style tonight) Well, guys, are you ready for new challenges? I can definitely say that I am ready! With joy and open hands I wait for new preklyucheny, tasks and peaks. By the way, the color of the studio and my coat coincides with the color of the pig, so I think that this is a good sign!

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Year of the Pig

Beautiful set Karissa.
Sweet genuine pleasure indeed.
Happy New Year.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana, I’m always happy get your comments)
Happy New Year!
Karissa Diamond reply

There! the x-mas tree was hehe 😄

Damn! girl, you are just hitting them out of the park, another amazing set and as always you manage to include a whole array of different type of shots: beautiful, sweet, funny, goofy, cute, naughty and yes, so very sexy 😊

Also once again you guys manage to make it look like a high-end fashion shot, not "gone wrong", but "gone right" hehe, to be honest more fashion shoots should end with the model naked, it's just better that way 🤭, you have a lot to teach them Karissa hehe 😊

But seriously, it was very well done, the whole setting (and you of cause) looked great, taking it from "just" a nude shoot, to something cool and styled. You guys have really made the best of this space / room, starting with the "Preparation For The Holiday" set, through "Santa's Little Helper" and now here in "Year Of The Pig", your creativity, concepts and ideas just keeps thrilling and impressing me, great work Karissa 😘👍

Oh and I don't drink, so no "face in a salad" for me, not much of a salad eater anyway, so it would have been particularly strange in my case if I had woken up with my face in a salad hehe 😄
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thank you Tristan, I really appreciate your attention and attentiveness) It was a joke about the salad, well, as a last resort, I haven’t heard any similar stories yet .. haha
Karissa Diamond reply

Hehe 😂
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

First of all, Happy New Year, Karissa! What a beautiful set!
DJK_KD_fan, United Kingdom reply

Happy New Year!
Karissa Diamond reply

Fur coat

The pink fur coat really suits you, so beautiful! It really makes this set stand out!
DJK_KD_fan, United Kingdom reply

I love this fur coat) The most important thing for me is that it is not from real fur, so the animals remained safe😊
Karissa Diamond reply

That's really good to hear! What a good start to the New year! It isn't made from real animal fur and it looks amazing!
DJK_KD_fan, United Kingdom reply
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