January 31, 2019
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Good morning! What do you want for breakfast?) We have eggs, vegetables and orange juice in the menu! I know exactly how to handle eggs. Great start to the day!) I have to admit, if in the morning I find a cake in the fridge, I have breakfast at the cake .. But today there was no cake haha)

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How I love sets like this, they are so much fun and brings all kinds of memories to mind, as well as adding imaginary new ones hehe 😊👍

So many great shots, I don't even know where to begin, well... the two portrait shots #33 and #55 would be a great place to start, they were amazing, so sweet and beautiful 👏😊

But I also love the fact that you included shots like #5, #6, #19 etc., to really give us, the viewers, a full "story" and they were not just casually shot, but given their own attention, great work ✌😉

And we got some perfect shots of that gorgeous booty of yours, like in pic #26 and #27 mmm... 😊 and let's not forget that wonderful kinky one #28, oh girl, you' so bad 🤭

Really a perfect set of "girlfriend moments", thank you Karissa, great work 😘👍
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thank you Tristan! I like to take such photos, they turn out very lively and natural) Such filming brings a lot of fun🤪
Karissa Diamond reply


Hot breakfast indeed.
Looks so good.!!!!
Dana, United States reply

Enjoy your breakfast 🍳 😘
Karissa Diamond reply
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