White Panties
December 04, 2018
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What excites you the most? Think. Sometimes from the pleasant thoughts you can go crazy. I think the most sexy and incredible events are born first in the head. Do you often fantasize?

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White Panties

Beautiful set.
A real pleasure to enjoy. !!
Dana, United States reply

Thanks Dana! I am pleased to become the object of your enjoyment ;)
Karissa Diamond reply

Yet again one of those sets that had me bursting out "christ! she's beautiful" hehe 😊 - To answer your questions: 1). These days, you - 2). A lot more since I joined Karissa-Diamond.com hehe 🤣 - But seriously, an amazing set again today Karissa, the top half of picture #38 has now become a permanent part of my PC wallpaper rotation, such a beautiful shot, you face has such a peaceful expression, well at least it makes me feel peaceful looking at it 😊 - But really, there are so many great shots in this one, oh btw I noticed your photographer managed to capture himself in one of the shots (#43) hehe 🤭 - Congratulations to team Karissa, a really great job on this one 😉👍
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thank you Tristan! I also really like this set. I do not know why, but I was very excited when we took these photos. In general, I think my inner state is often conveyed very correctly, and then I get such pleasant comments from you)
And I also think that what you pay most attention to fills your mind and in some cases changes life. I want my members to have more pleasant events than without me. haha)
Karissa Diamond reply

Hehe 😊
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

No panties better than any panties:-)
Rads, United States reply

I read somewhere the opinion that a woman looks sexier if something is hopeful on her) So there is a mystery) Do you disagree with that?)
Karissa Diamond reply
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