Blue Sky
December 02, 2018
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When we took these photos, I had no idea how beautiful it looked. Of course I saw these stones and the sky, and the incredible nature around. I think I harmoniously fit into this atmosphere of wildness, danger and at the same time unusual beauty. Enjoy!

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Blue Sky

Awesome set and location.
Blue Sky indeed. Thanks.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana)
I really love this location and sky and no clothes haha)
Have a great evening =*
Karissa Diamond reply

A little tired, so I have a hard time finding the right words, or maybe it's just you, making me speechless *blush*😊 hehe🤭 - But either way it is a really beautiful set, that much I can say😉 - Great work you guys🤟😘
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thanks Tristan! )))
Karissa Diamond reply


I love this setting! Such elegant and refined poses!
DJK_KD_fan, United Kingdom reply

Thank you)
I am very pleased and important to know your opinion!)
Karissa Diamond reply

Blue Sky

It's so great to hear that! I just think in this gallery, your interaction with nature is surprising and the effect is really amazing! Btw, I was about to say I was eagerly anticipating your next video update :-)
DJK_KD_fan, United Kingdom reply

This is a special pleasure for me to shoot in such places)
Really? I hope I managed to meet your expectations)
Karissa Diamond reply
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