Green Wall
November 14, 2018
Member's Rating 10.00
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She woke up very excited this morning. She playfully covered her white sheet, which barely hid her hard nipples. Just see what she gets up in this unusual bedroom. The reflection in the mirror gives free rein to her lustful thoughts. She can no longer wait and leads him away.

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I could have used this set last night, I made one of my daily good night tweets, which usually includes a select picture of a model in a bedroom setting and last night I wanted to make it using a picture of you, so I had to look on MPL to find one, as I am saving the ones from the pizza set for Friday tweets hehe 🤭
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

It sounds like we need to synchronize updates😂
Karissa Diamond reply

Hehe 😄
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Green Wall

Awesome natural set.
Well done.
Dana, United States reply

Thanks Dana😊
Karissa Diamond reply

Another incredibly sweet set Karissa and very much in line and style with what I also talked about in the comments of your previous set, really really great work 😘👍
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thanks Tristan😊
Karissa Diamond reply
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