Red Lips
November 10, 2018
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What a sexy combination. Blue eyes and red lips. This girl knows for sure that she looks amazing, but she wants more. Therefore, she takes a telescope and looks into the distance. After that, she has a desire to caress herself. What did she see in the distance? Maybe a handsome man, or an incredible landscape? Try to understand

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I must admit, I'm one of those (apparently rare) guys that are not into things like red lipstick, high-heels, pantyhose and stuff like that, tbh the less posh and the more natural a girl looks, the more attractive she is to me, but at the same time I must confess, you looked damn hot πŸ”₯ in this one Karissa hehe 😊 - I also liked how accomplished the set was, you had an idea for a concept and a style and you followed it through from start till finish, great work πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

I read somewhere that most men prefer when women have a minimum of makeup, men love naturalness. In life, I either don’t do makeup at all, or I paint eyelashes and that’s enough for me) But as you correctly noted, I had a concept. And in general, I am glad that I can experiment with styles during photographing.😊
Karissa Diamond reply

My kind of girl hehe πŸ˜„ and yea that's also one of the great things about working in a field like for example artistic nudes, where you can play around taking on roles or appearances that you wouldn't normally πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Oh yeah! Today I especially felt how important it is not to play at the same timeπŸ€”πŸ˜†
Karissa Diamond reply

Incredible set beautiful and nice.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana.
I am very pleased😊
Karissa Diamond reply

Tall and sexy

How tall were you in these monster heels?;-)
Rads, United States reply

I think about 185 centimeters)
Karissa Diamond reply
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