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November 30, 2018
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We just walked through the forest and met this fallen pine. It seems that she fell from natural conditions. Once again, I am convinced how powerful nature is. Of course, scientists and engineers have invented a lot, for example, an aircraft that helps to clear clouds or a bomb that can help dig up a quarry. But unfortunately there are still a lot of natural disasters in the world that cause loss to a person. I think that mankind creates many disasters by itself. Therefore, everything is in our hands. Let's love our land and not harm it. Then she will reciprocate. And I will continue to travel and show you the incredible beauty of the world)

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Really beautiful set Karissa, absolutely love the portrait shot that you yourself also chose to use here on this page, such a beautiful shot, great work by your photographer on that one 😉👍 - It's like I've said before, there really is something about seeing you out in nature, your face sort of lightens up and your eyes and smiles widen, it really is a joy to watch 😊
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Btw, let me just add, someone was having a "great ass-day" this day hehe 🤭
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Yeahhh my ass is good everywhere and anytime haha)
Karissa Diamond reply

True hehe 😄
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thank you Tristan!)
Being on nature it's my big passion)
Now i build plan how go to Carpathians for long time, time to snowboarding)))
Karissa Diamond reply

Just be careful, no broken bones please hehe 😊
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

For 7 years of practice, the worst thing that I had was a bruise. It was in Poland, and I fell on the first day. Ahahaha is a very funny story)
But thanks, i'm always careful)
Karissa Diamond reply

The Root

Beautiful natural set.
Fabulous location and pleasure.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you Dana)
There in Carpathians fabulous locations on every step really)
Karissa Diamond reply
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