White wall Carpathians
November 02, 2018
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I love wooden texture! Well, how cool it looks. I think that in the mountains, wooden houses look very harmonious. And of course thanks to the natural light that makes my eyes shine. After all, there is no color without light, right?)

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Really nice new set. Like I wrote on twitter I especially liked how the neutral colors of the white painted wood emphasized your own colors, such as the warm tones of your skin, it looked amazing 👌 - Oh and those nice booty shots did not go unappreciated hehe 🍑🤭😘 - Great work you guys 😉👍
Tristan Heart, Denmark reply

Thanks Tristan) I love this light and colours too) very calm and tender.. My booty like attention haha :)
Karissa Diamond reply


Very nice new set.
Dana, United States reply

Thank you😊
Karissa Diamond reply


I was hoping for so very much more

29 days to go before the end of this con
ricardo, United Kingdom reply

Creativity is a very controversial thing. I would say that I am sorry that I did not meet your expectations, but I will not say. Since I love what I do. I hope you can change your mind. But if not, I do not disagree. All people are different and everyone deserves to watch what he likes. Anyway, thanks for the comments)
Karissa Diamond reply
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